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Kitty has returned from a vet trip, to remove 4 teeth. He had a slightly complication extraction, which I’m sure causes no end of amusement about parallels to a certain webizen having his removed many moons ago. A cat recuperating from anesthesia is not a normal cat. The can’t walk, much as they might pretend. In fact, they stumble around an awful lot just sitting in a carrying crate. Also, they smell in a way that frightens away other cats who come to check them out.

Otherwise, kitty is actually fine, and the surgery he had is comparable to having wisdom teeth removed. He has not meowed or cried once, only a light low grumbling growl when the doctor passed him off to me very slowly. This may be due to the same reasons that humans aren’t very talkative immediately after they have their wisdom teeth taken out. Only moreso, because humans seem to uniformly say things indicating that yes, they are on the hard stuff.

Thursday ~ April 12, 2007 by b

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