I said be HEALED!

Today, I both saw Rev. Billy and visited the emergency room. Don’t worry, Reverend Billy is fine.

Today started without an extra fanfare. We’re going to a park, to enjoy a festival. Watch some bands play, including the Rev. Billy C. Wirtz. By 3pm I was watery, red-eyed, and wondering how on earth sunscreen could induce such chemical irritation. After much hemming and hawing my girlfriend drags me to the closest e-room, and I’m checking in to the hospital. It actually wasn’t obscenely slow, but it was empty. It did however cost me $100 even with “good” health insurance.

So, the nurse comes in and tells says she needs to give me some sort of topical painkiller to both eyes. I’m trying really hard not to constantly rub them, and spent long enough spraying water in them, so painkiller sounds like a good idea. I don’t even feel the burn she says I should have going for a few minutes after the goop is in, just eventually my eyes cooling off. A few minutes later one is hurting again. I shouldn’t be feeling anything in that eye, so more of the novacaine-like eye goop. Then she brings in a large saline bag with a line coming from it. On the end is a suction cup. OK, five minutes later, gf says I look disturbingly borg-like with a hose sticking straight into my closed eye and water coming right back out like a slow leaky connection. I’m just staring down the end of a suction cup. It’s like a contact lens, magnified 400 times. I take them out when they’re done, and they come out with an audible “pop”.

Fast forward maybe an hour and a half, and we’re back at the park enjoying the festival. The Rev. Billy C. Wirtz is playing. He played the song about the Hattiesburg, MS Waffle House Fire. He played “Mennonite Surf Party”. After the show I casually mention “dude I came here from the hospital just to see your show”. I am handed a bottled holy water from his roadie for this. He laid hands upon my girlfriend’s CD.

So, does that qualify as a weird day?

Saturday ~ July 7, 2007 by blog

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