Kitty at the vet

Kitty is at the extra-special vet, hopefully getting better.

Yesterday, I took him into the vet with labored breathing, unkempt fur, and lethargy. Vet put him on oxygen and sedated him promptly, then tapped about 1 cup of fluid from his left lung. They have not tapped his right lung yet, but suspect it is in similar condition. Fluid was basically transparent, but upon closer analysis has particulate matter suspended in it. He’s still under oxygen and sedated, although he was awake when I last saw him.

His everyday vet said she had never pulled that much fluid from a cat’s lung. I saw the x-rays, and having seen my own chest x-rays recently… they looked a lot worse than mine when they intubated me in the ER (that’s my only comparison).

They’re doing an echo and ultrasound asap, he need to chill out for a bit to relax first. He took a swipe at one of the vet techs (good kitty). His left lung partially re-filled with fluid overnight.

Possible diagnoses include heart failure, infection, cancer (possibly in metastasis), a local tumor… it’s all pretty serious stuff, and definitely not a cold or simple pnuemonia, even. I’ll post more when there’s additional news.

Wednesday ~ October 24, 2007 by b

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