I think this is going to be the hardest presidency in memory for many, many people. The economy is shot, corruption is bad enough to be openly discussed at even the highest levels of government, the national government is in gridlock, we have 3 full-blown wars going without any clear and winnable goals, our international credibility has been dropping like a rock, our healthcare system is a sham among modern civilizations, and the normal evolution of civil rights stalled. Obama’s coattails are not as wide as the most optimistic people had hoped. I would not wish president-elect upon any close friends; I’d rather have them alive and sane in eight years. Especially not one who has “attend funeral of person who raised me” on their todo list. But I think we picked the better person for that job.

Remember Bill Clinton, the last guy whose presidency looked like an 8-year-long all-nighter (the academic kind, not the raging kegger kind)? He didn’t look like he got younger during those 8 years.

But, really, at the end of the day? Americans just elected a intellectual ethnic minority person with a funny name and a common perception that he’s a bit liberal. Something between 15-20% of us even think he’s a completely different religion than the majority. I’m surprised that there aren’t widespread rumours that he’s a martian, after the weird attacks upon him during that campaign. Clearly, we don’t have qualms about shirking reactionary politics when the opportunity presents itself.

Things are changing. It’s hard to not be a bit more patriotic tonight. Those times that make us proud to be Americans, where people ask “where were you?” in decades to come? This is one of them.

Wednesday ~ November 5, 2008 by b

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