My cat Cherry went to her vet earlier this week, so her vet could take a few biopsies of her digestive tract. We already knew she has a disease that would require some sort of treatment, it was simply a matter of which. Her biopsy results have come back, and they are basically good. She has a very treatable condition, basically irritable bowel disease (IBD) possibly resolved with the change in diet I made several weeks ago. Also, the biopsy results rule cancer out, which was a very real concern.

Cherry is doing quite well. She’s currently enjoying the fading bits of her last pain meds, which apparently worked wonderfully. For perspective, she’s 1/2 to 2/3 the size of an average adult housecat, and her incision looks to be about 3 inches long. She is healing wonderfully so far, and is basically acting like a somewhat sleepy cat. Currently I’m crossing my fingers that she doesn’t have problems as the painkiller wears off, but even that’s rather unlikely.

She’s had no symptoms since she went under, thus the therapeutic biopsy possibly cured her. At least, that’s the joke.

Friday ~ September 4, 2009 by b

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