Vegans eat oytsers

There’s an article that a vegan. ahem. alleged “vegan” (with scare quotes) claiming that oysters are perfectly vegan.

No. Oysters are not vegan.

Oysters belong to the animal kingdom. That means that they, any entertainment they provide, or anything they produce (including pearls) is not vegan. There is no question about this within the vegan community. The standard is never “is a central nervous system consciously receiving pain”. That standard is manufactured by people who are not vegetarians, as a stereotype that is humorous to them.

Many people draw lines on the dinner plate that they will not cross. Some will not eat flesh from mammals. Some will not eat chickens, but eat fish. Or pig but not cow. Or cow but not deer. Or cow, if it watched tv or whatever is supposed to make them comfortable in captivityThere are many, many such lines.

The point of being vegan is to avoid drawing fuzzy arbitrary lines at all. The vegan movement, actually founded just after ww2 came about precisely because a group of vegetarians were fed up with other vegetarians drawing arbitrary lines and then claiming to have exactly the same motivation and ethical standards. Quite literally, the original point was that vegans do not draw lines about whether or not oysters are ok. Their cells are from the animal kingdom. Full stop. No questions of sentience, intelligence, conciousness, or pain are considered.

A line in the sand like “oysters but not fish” is completely arbitrary. There’s not really science proving which animals achieve conscious self-awareness, and anyone claiming that they’ve found such a line is merely inserting their own, mostly emotional, opinion in the place of science, and then saying the questions have been answered to thei

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