phee update

So, P the cat developed a limp a while back, and went on painkillers 24.7 . I’m not sure he was entirely comfortable being in that state 24/7, but he wasn’t limping.

This leads to an operation to fix a loose kneecap (luxating patella). Basically he was walking with his kneecap on the side of his knee. Fortunately this is much less horrifying in cats, which seem a bit like the loose skin in ability to get away from predators. Also P has a high pain tolerance, which made if difficult to tell exactly what was broken & how. They fix it by basically tightening up the joint – shorten the ligament, deepen the groove where the ligament fits into the tibia, and make the bones line up more like a healthy knee. After all that, they had to go back in for something that was only apparent in the post-surgical x-rays.

After all that, in recovery he walked out of his crate and across the exam room without any sign of injury..

Thursday ~ September 2, 2010 by b

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