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I have a passive-aggressive rant. It’s just a response to being told I’m picky without cause, something every vegan occasionally hears. It’s not the end of the world, and I should know better than shooting from the hip in response. But it’s still annoying as hell.

To start off being fair, vegans have a reputation for being picky eaters. When I am told this, I point out that I’ll eat almost anything I consider edible food. “Almost” due to broccoli, seitan, and nearly all faux meat.

Here’s the deal about being (really) vegetarian… it’s not “won’t eat anything with parents” or even “won’t eat anything that can look back. It’s about not calling a dead rotting corpse “food”. Yes, rotting. That’s how steak becomes “tender”, it’s beginning to resemble something on the side of the road attracting flies. It’s about not violating the prime directive of human ethics: don’t kill unnecessarily.

Show me a meat-eater who has concerns which are that strong against eating an apple or a potato, who has legitimate ethics (i.e. can discuss them without sounding like a froot loop with conjectures like “animals aren’t conscious”), who’s body will entirely reject vegetables… and you’ll have someone who simply is not human. We all eat vegetables or we’d die young of scurvy (assuming we lived long enough). Vegetarians don’t include meat in our diet, anymore than bullets or something that came from my cat’s litter box.

Thursday ~ September 2, 2010 by b

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