From time to time, vegans decide that they’re going to pick back up the habit of eating meat. While I don’t condone or personally understand the reason, I understand that someone else has them. Trust me, I’ve heard a lot of them.

So, yeah I used to be vegetarian, too. I was pescetarian during parts of the earlier veg years. I used to be laco-ovo.

I used to be a meat eater.

There. Now I’ve done it. I’ve thrown the gauntlet down. Like the vast majority of veggies, I used to habitually eat meat and then I stopped as a conscious decision. It’s amazingly like saying I used to smoke, especially if one is southern. Yet if I stand outside with friends having a cigarette, it would be bizarre to hear someone say they used to be an ex-smoker… and then try to give logical, rational arguments for sucking down cigarettes every few hours again.

Thursday ~ April 7, 2011 by b

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