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Dear State of North Carolina,

Thank you for your selfless moral guidance this past week at the polls. Guidance to a greater degree than my own mother. It has helped me greatly during the troubling period of my life known as “being engaged”. I didn’t actually need the extra pressure to get married, but I appreciate how that pressure would obviously improve the prospects for a healthy marriage.

Fortunately, I did not need your moral guidance the last time you amended the constitution, providing guidance about interracial marriages. You did repeal that, didn’t you? I should probably double-check. I can only wonder what else needs to be enshrined in the state tax code or traffic laws to help with the citizenry’s ethics.

If my fiancee should need health insurance during the next 6 months or so, I’ll be sure to consider the State’s firm moral guidance when choosing between her health and continuing to live here. I’m sure that you wouldn’t miss that high-tech job leaving for more liberal lands, anyway.

After all, being a 30-something animal advocate, ethical vegan, environmentalist, someone who supports the civil rights of my friends, Southern Baptist at one point (yea verily, I am actually from around here), college-educated person, voter who goes by ethics more frequently than “economics”, hybrid car driver, who chooses jobs based partly on the ethical stances of the company must not have any clue about right & wrong nor a firm grip on reality. Unlike someone who claims to have only straight friends.

I look forward to your next installment of this church pamphlet, wherein you explain what my fiancee and I are allowed to do in our home, which you seem to claim does not exist. I always look forward to a lesson in geriatric morality.

blessings of the state,

Friday ~ May 11, 2012 by b

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