Turkey Billboard from MFA

An animal rights (or at least vegetarian) group has put up a billboard near the small town where butterball turkeys mostly come from.

It sounds like a noble effort, and given that it’s only one billboard on a highway, relatively inexpensive. And seriously, it’s a billboard that is getting national press. Mission accomplished.

As far as AR billboards go, it’s fairly tame. No mention of violence, no chiding that “good” people are doing something the billboard recommends – even with the call to action, no trite sayings about how easy it is to go veg, no bold political statements, no pronouncements about society being evil. In short, the only way to make it less offensive would be to remove the allusion to vegetarianism.

Of course this means that the comments on the story (on websites that I’ve seen) includes complaints like the highly intelligent, open-minded, and incredibly humorous “gobble gobble” to “mind your own business”. Comments on the web are about as insightful and intelligent as comments in a jr high gym class.

MFA’s blog post about the billboard

I’m not sure how many animals are going to be saved by one billboard. Possibly even none before December. Critics might say that it’s futile, that the effort isn’t big enough to matter, and the usual other ideas presented by people who won’t act on them. To quote one of my favorite t-shirts… “Understand the Power of a Single Action”. In other words, a vegetarian doing something is not cause for an existential crisis. If it is, then perhaps you should be a vegetarian yourself. Just a suggestion, wouldn’t want to go overboard with the Big Brother angle. I never can get that balance right – the tension between ‘irrelevant’ and ‘mind your own business’. Frankly, in the minds of detractors of vegetarianism, the two extremes overlap. To those complaining it’s a billboard… it’s still just one billboard. If you can’t handle a vegan stating their viewpoint publicly once, you don’t understand how a democratic society actually works.

Also, the next person who says it’s too hard to got veg for a holiday meal will earn a full ten (10) minutes of silence. I’ve gone to thanksgiving meals in many houses for nearly 20 years as a vegetarian, more than once to a house in the middle of nowhere in which people cooked the same meals every year since birth. Thanksgiving is an awesome time to go vegetarian. If you eat only the veg fare on the average
table, your odds are still high of being stuffed. If there’s not veg fare, it’s likely because somehow puts ham hock or pig snout or cow ears or whatever in the beans. Easy fix: pour can of beans into dish, insert in microwave 5 minutes, salt to taste. There’s one replacement.

Of course, you can’t actually both eat the turkey and be vegetarian at the same time. You have to not eat animal products which you currently like the taste of, like every single other new vegetarian.

As far as the comments on news sites… vegetarians who abstain from eating meat because it comes from animals are technically doing it because of their ethical stance. Anyone who tells a person doing that to mind their own business grossly underestimates the important of the 1st amendment, never mind basic logic. Color me not surprise.

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