I’ve been a vegetarian for more than a decade, and vegan several years. In that time, I’ve seen significant changes to how vegetarianism is perceived. They’ve mostly been good changes. Vegans and vegetarians have much to be thankful for.

The reality of modern animal agriculture is sobering, if not disturbing. That reality is not going away, and very few veggies expect it end to anytime soon. But progress is important, regardless of scale.

I now have a decent chance of getting an acceptable entree, possibly even highlighted on the menu, at any restaurant without looks as if I’m from Mars. I buy processed food that is semi-reliably labeled “vegan” or “lacto-ovo veg”. I rarely need to explain the basics of veganism, yet new acquaintances are likely to be thoughtfully accommodating. I actually know vegetarians in the flesh, and not by only the cold facts and trolling and hysteria of the interwebs. Years ago, random people occasionally said been wanting to meet a vegan in the flesh, including myself. All of those things have made it far easier to be a vegetarian or vegan, as well as help get rid of the notion that we’re fighting battles in solitude. We’re no longer merely tolerated and tossed in the pile of do-gooders who obviously (yeah, right) have more fortitude or some other mystical force. We have respect, and people listen to us as intelligent peers with a real point that merits consideration. That makes it much easier to be a vegan human, and easy to be thankful that there’s an entire social movement backing us up.

A common goal, and mine as well, is just “reduce suffering”. No one’s planning a revolution; we’re just planning lunch. Preventing even one animal from suffering is worthwhile, because they exist and think and feel as individuals, like humans. It’s the same concept that might keep some doctors in hospitals, despite knowing they’ll never finish the job. So we’re aiming for steady change and building solid momentum.

If our numbers are growing and continue to grow, we’re doing the job right. We’ve been growing. That success is based on the success carved out by the veggies who preceded us. It is a privilege to contribute, and an honor to have contributed, to a movement that’s making a real, positive change in the world.

To everyone who’s been a vegetarian or vegan… thank you.

Friday ~ November 27, 2009 by b

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RSS is enabled again.

Bug me if it’s broken, the links should be in the page headers, too.

Friday ~ October 10, 2008 by b

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Spending two weekend afternoons in a row shopping for houses is definitely fun. I highly recommend it.

Monday ~ October 6, 2008 by b

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New photos might go up soon.

I’ve moved all of the shots hosted here to Flickr. I think the most recent are from 2006. Not sure because it was a large upload.

Wednesday ~ September 10, 2008 by b

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big ketchup

It’s been too long since my last set of updates, not including the past two posts or so. In no particular order…

Quite a bit of stuff to be doing, but it has been a while. More later.

Sunday ~ September 7, 2008 by b

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I go through periods where I take pictures. I have since high school. Sometimes, everything just has a face interesting enough to preserve visually. And it’s been too long since I’ve regularly picked up a sketch pad to have all of my skills at the ready. Sometimes I don’t feel like taking shots, and that’s a longer story. Anyone who does art and goes through periods of “down” time where it just doesn’t flow anymore can probably relate.

Also, I am lazy. It is a very good trait for a programmer to have, it helps us.

I have been using album for my current portfolio. I’m starting to feel it’s limits – no comments, no access control, basically it’s as plain vanilla as web pages get. I want to change. I have two choices in the future for displaying photos that I want at least some of you to see from the convenience of your desktop. First, I can use a service like Flickr. That means some else manages it, tracks security, all the basic system admin stuff is done professionally. Or I can run something like gallery on this site, and do the management myself. In my experience, things like gallery tend to be prone to security problems (that was my very mild, concerned-about-professional-image phrasing). I may not find a gallery-like application that I sufficiently trust to run on this site.

Any suggestions?

Tuesday ~ July 3, 2007 by b

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no more spam

I hate spam as much as the next vegan. So I got rid of all my comment spam, unfortunately deleting any other comments in the process. Feel free to comment again.

Saturday ~ May 26, 2007 by blog

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fully functional

Mail works. Link in the footer of each post.

Sunday ~ February 4, 2007 by b

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back on the air

OK, after some bit-twiddling and the usual geek stuff required to make any newish tech work, I think this blog is once again airborne. Yell if anything is broken, to an address on another domains… mail still needs a little work.

I have enabled comments with the minimal amount of effort need to try to keep only humans posting. I may need to restrict comments again later simply to prevent another useless mailbox. But for now, I think I’m safe for a day or so.

Sunday ~ February 4, 2007 by b

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no comment

Comments broken. Will begin fixing them and other broken bits that I see later today / tonight. I’m on gmail and regular mail in the mean time.

Thursday ~ February 1, 2007 by b

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