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Thursday ~ April 25, 2019 by b

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New photos might go up soon.

I’ve moved all of the shots hosted here to Flickr. I think the most recent are from 2006. Not sure because it was a large upload.

Wednesday ~ September 10, 2008 by b

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car pics

Check out pics of my car, just posted today. All post-accident, at the towing yard.

Monday ~ October 8, 2007 by b

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I go through periods where I take pictures. I have since high school. Sometimes, everything just has a face interesting enough to preserve visually. And it’s been too long since I’ve regularly picked up a sketch pad to have all of my skills at the ready. Sometimes I don’t feel like taking shots, and that’s a longer story. Anyone who does art and goes through periods of “down” time where it just doesn’t flow anymore can probably relate.

Also, I am lazy. It is a very good trait for a programmer to have, it helps us.

I have been using album for my current portfolio. I’m starting to feel it’s limits – no comments, no access control, basically it’s as plain vanilla as web pages get. I want to change. I have two choices in the future for displaying photos that I want at least some of you to see from the convenience of your desktop. First, I can use a service like Flickr. That means some else manages it, tracks security, all the basic system admin stuff is done professionally. Or I can run something like gallery on this site, and do the management myself. In my experience, things like gallery tend to be prone to security problems (that was my very mild, concerned-about-professional-image phrasing). I may not find a gallery-like application that I sufficiently trust to run on this site.

Any suggestions?

Tuesday ~ July 3, 2007 by b

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I’ve uploaded some shots taken at Pilot Mountain and on a trip to Washington, D.C..

Sunday ~ March 18, 2007 by b

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Eno River

Eno RiverI spent about half of the daylight hours hiking along the Eno River the other day. Most of the hiking I’ve done has been in the hills of Virginia, so the steepest ground was barely noticeable. Climbing over large, cracked rocks got my attention, though. That was after seeing a variety of reptiles including several snakes in and beside the river that were deemend “probably non-poisonous”. Parts of the hike including crossing high grass and climbing through a clay ditch with steep sides. But the scenery was totally worth it.

Bonus points if your first response to the title was “but the river’s right there”. It was vaguely amusing so see signs saying things like “Eno Fire Department” on the side of a fire department.

Monday ~ May 29, 2006 by blog

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photographic adventuring in food

lentil pastichioThe lentil pastichio is yet another recipe from Vegan Cooking for Everyone, a book I highly recommend for people who have some experience in the kitchen and want ideas for vegan cooking. It makes a lot, as in about as much as a full-sized lasagna pan, roughly as deep as possible. The white sauce (flour, soymilk, vegan parm) is a bit tricky. It’s got the right taste, but not dissolved as much as I’d like. Some margarine might have helped a little with the texture and sweetness. The color was a dark red, so I might mix in some red lentils with the brown the next time. I think the idea was to closely match the color of the lentils to ground beef, and I really don’t care if my vegetables look bloody. But it’s really good stuff, I had about 4 spatula-width squares, or a little more than 1/3 of a square casserole dish. It passes the “keep this” test, even with suggested refinements.