Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

On leather

Leather is not vegan
Leather is probably one of the easiest things for a vegan to give up. It’s probably the proof that just refusing to eat animals doesn’t cover all the bases, and is part of a wider view. It’s often the first rationale for someone (vegetarian or omnivore) to consider being vegan.

Leather requires the death of an animal. Death and captivity are never in an animal’s interest. That’s the basic, most obvious claim of any veg*n.

But beyond that, it’s not a pleasant death. It’s not given by a potent toxin that causes animals to peacefully drift off. The animals are “harvested” by electrocution. There are almost no enforced standards for humane killing of animals for leather. Accidents, meaning not successfully stunning an animal before harvest, are both common and completely tolerated.

The label “genuine leather” isn’t a guarantee that a piece of clothing came from a cow, either. It’s quite possible (even likely) that it came from a dog or other, more readily-available animal. After all, animals used for leather are usually killed only for their leather and their carcasses converted to fertilizer.


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