Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

Report from the Front

Dearest Kandice, Today was a day that will weigh heavy upon my heart for years to come, God willing that I survive this night. Colonel Sanders led the 501st Social Justice Warriors in an assault to retake the Chapel Hill Whole Foods Market. I was one of 17 vegans sent over the wall, and it […]

On leather

Leather is not vegan Leather is probably one of the easiest things for a vegan to give up. It’s probably the proof that just refusing to eat animals doesn’t cover all the bases, and is part of a wider view. It’s often the first rationale for someone (vegetarian or omnivore) to consider being vegan. Leather […]

testing animalia

I have a gripe with testing medications on non-humans. In those cases where it might remotely be useful, the animals are most like us. They’re the animals who think most like us. Those who say they aren’t conscious or sentient or sapient (they’re all of the above, it’s considered standard knowledge) are ignoring the fact […]

On Pigs

part of a series exploring the specific harm presented by exploiting particular animals or by particular animal products Pigs are cool. They’re more intelligent than dogs, for starters. They also dominate animal agriculture. Many parts are used for animal products. Not just meat for eating but also fat for lard, soap, fertilizer, testing of animal […]

Chimps one step closer to full protection

The National Institute of Health has decided that most Chimpanzee research is unnecessary and should be phased out. The rationale? From the NIH press release: However, new methods and technologies developed by the biomedical community have provided alternatives to the use of chimpanzees in several areas of research. CBS News explains the scope of the […]


“The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.” — Margaret Mead I think some may not understand that “vegan” describes the general concept of life without exploitation of animals. Without reliance on animal agriculture. Most vegan groups describe being vegan as attempting to realize an ideal thru practical actions. The […]

dinner story

We sat down at the table, assuming our usual places. Dave (the redneck of the group) took a seat at the end, and looked thru the menu. Mary ordered a chef’s salad. John asked about the specials; he always liked the “freshest” dish, and claimed that the chef would promote “freshest” rather than “stock he’s […]

animals don’t care?

There’s commonly an argument presented that cows / lab rats / cats / pigs / lobsters simply “don’t care” about some injury being done to them by experiments or farm life. First, as proof to the contrary… humans are animals, and we care. Any solid argument that animals don’t care must provide solid evidence that […]

On free ranges

As the popularity of vegetarianism (in all forms) is increasing, consumers are also choosing animal products which they consider more ethical. The general idea is to remove the harm of animal agriculture by raising animals in a way generally considered “humane”. I’m not sure how this really is supposed to work. Even if the treatment […]

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