Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

culture v. ethics

Culture seems extraordinarily malleable, to me. It changes. I don’t think it can do anything but change. The exposure of two cultures to one another impacts both of them, and some bits rub off on each. Trying to prevent this is analogous to trying to stop a human being from learning. I don’t think it […]

Turkey Billboard from MFA

An animal rights (or at least vegetarian) group has put up a billboard near the small town where butterball turkeys mostly come from. It sounds like a noble effort, and given that it’s only one billboard on a highway, relatively inexpensive. And seriously, it’s a billboard that is getting national press. Mission accomplished. As far […]


laxatives in wine?: “Do consumers need to be told about the substances that go into wine production?” Lee [the Wine Institute’s general counsel] asked. “I’m not sure there’s a lot of useful information in that.” Winemakers are notorious for failing to disclose enough information for vegetarians to know whether they’re willing to drink a particular […]

dinner story

We sat down at the table, assuming our usual places. Dave (the redneck of the group) took a seat at the end, and looked thru the menu. Mary ordered a chef’s salad. John asked about the specials; he always liked the “freshest” dish, and claimed that the chef would promote “freshest” rather than “stock he’s […]

Animals in Idaho

There are a couple of issues brewing in Idaho over animal rights. Cockfighting and derailing the opposition. First, Idaho has finally joined 40 other states in declaring cockfighting a felony. Yes, seriously, it was a misdemeanor and still is in some states. Idaho is not exactly on the forefront of animal rights legislation. OK, yay […]

reasons I’m vegan

Some things I like about being vegan: 88 animals per year fresher food, especially when chefs cook special orders healthier, which is useful not contributing to the veal industry environmental impact of trading a low-mpg SUV in for something with fuel efficiency being a pacifist 24-7 producing more food for people in need being a […]

vegan grilling

Peta has a decent selection of grilling recipes. Many are meat-like, but far from all. They add choices to omnivorous and vegan eating patterns alike. However else they do it, making vegan food appealing to non-vegans is part of Peta’s mission as an outreach organization. That alone may make some of their recipes worth a […]

the one-veggie-item menu

Most of the restaurants in my area which happen to be considered veg-friendly actually have rather limited vegetarian options. Traditionally, southern chefs consider meat as vital in each food as the heat to cook it. Trust me on this, I’m not exaggerating. Health-concious and open-minded about diet translates into “use chicken instead”. So, I’m not […]

practical liberation

I don’t tend to chat much about what I think might happen to bring about a wholesale reform of the animal agriculture industry, or how such reform would appear in practice. Personally, I would like to see the entire industry abolished and replaced with a more sustainable agricultural system. That’s unlikely to happen before noon […]

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