Wednesday Aug 17, 2022


I have quite a few CRT computer monitors that I’d like to get rid of. Mostly svga, but one might be cga (in case you’re into retro computing). If you’re interested in any – like for that new linux box you’re cobbling together pieces for – one would help stretch the budget. They’re in my […]

geek moment

I was looking at those big numbers for the bailout, the national debt, the budget deficit, and realized… most people have absolutely no clue how to relate the numbers to anything else they can observe or consider. But big numbers can be very important, and there are some ways to put them in perspective. Far […]

big ketchup

It’s been too long since my last set of updates, not including the past two posts or so. In no particular order… 2 more Cure shows, on one road trip. Much more fun than flying. I took a few pictures. Really starting to like my Nikon. Details later, maybe. Cherry and Phee get along a […]

cloak & dagger

For the past year, I’ve been playing World of Warcrack for a considerable amount of time on nearly a daily basis. Recently I posted a noticed to my guild’s forum that I’m standing down, effectively meaning that I’ve already stopped all involvement in on-going game stuff, and that I don’t want old friends waiting for […]

expulsion and hypocrisy

I recently stumbled across a past podcast of Skepticality, an interview with some of the people interviewed in Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Suffice to say the scientists were not pleased about being interviewed on false pretenses. Even less amusing, at least one scientist was denied admission to the movie he was in. On a personal […]


Back in another epoch, I was involved with academic debate as an extracurricular activity. In debate (at least back then), there was a concept frequently argued known as topicality. Basically, part of winning an argument was proving that your argument was part of the topic everyone had previously agreed to discuss for a focused, useful […]


One of my favorite podcasts, Astronomy Cast, is looking for new listeners, and asking currently listeners to mention them on blogs. So, there you go, have a listen, you might find you like it. Astronomy Cast covers all sorts of topics related to astronomy, including current news, discussion of objects in the sky, tech used […]

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