Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

Dark humor

About having a dark sense of humor… So, I have a rather dark sense of humor. I’ve noticed other people who have it and I sympathize with them. A dark sense of humor is also known as gallows humor for good reason. It’s the jokes people tell about tragedy after they’ve become familiar with tragedy […]

ending an era

The final Space Shuttle mission, sts-135, successfully launched and currently flies above. For me, and perhaps most people younger who cared to notice space exploration, the space shuttle has been the definition of “space shot”. Actually, the vast majority of manned space launches of any sort have been Space Shuttle launches. I’ve got mixed feelings. […]

tornado alleyway

Recently my home dodged a tornado by perhaps 100-200 ft. I wasn’t home at the time, so I didn’t see the twister. I came back later that day, early enough to see some of the damage in my neighborhood, but late enough that I did some work clearing the front yard after dark. I grew […]

in praise of the comment box

The comment box has long been a mainstay of American political discourse, one that is quickly leaving us. We should find a substitute for in, in the digital world we’re building. I brook no nostalgia about some pieces of dead trees nailed to form a slotted box, to accepted yet more slivers of dead tree […]

minor sniping

It’s interesting to me that taking even a skeptical stance on using animals – a stance that is the actual stance of many vegans – it’s interesting that one finds all sorts of places where people assume animals are objects to be used in the same way that religious figures can assume total authority on […]

care & feeding of your vegan

So, when people who already know that I am vegan meet me for the first time, they tend to ask a couple of questions: Have you always been this skinny (I’m on the thinner side of healthy)? Yes, actually. I’ve been overweight exactly once since I was a toddler, and I was lacto-ovo at the […]

the welfarist position

First and foremost, I’m one of those people who thinks the philosophical idea of animal rights makes the most sense, for improving the lives and reducing the suffering of animals. I simply do not think that animals will be universally given the treatment they deserve until acceptable treatment becomes mandatory. Ownership necessarily means abuse is […]

the disappearance of context

A friend and I occasionally have a discussion about one of the impacts of the internet. We both tend to think that once information is on the internet, it’s permanently available somewhere. As she’s put it “I wouldn’t post anything that I wouldn’t want my own mother to read”. The internet has made everyone a […]

human uniqueness

I cast a skeptical eye whenever someone makes a claim that presumes humans are uniquely capable of some task, based on what’s in our head. Humans are animals different from the rest. That’s because we’re members of a distinct species that reproduces only with itself, and thus have traits that we’ve never shared with […]

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