Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

Report from the Front

Dearest Kandice, Today was a day that will weigh heavy upon my heart for years to come, God willing that I survive this night. Colonel Sanders led the 501st Social Justice Warriors in an assault to retake the Chapel Hill Whole Foods Market. I was one of 17 vegans sent over the wall, and it […]

dinner story

We sat down at the table, assuming our usual places. Dave (the redneck of the group) took a seat at the end, and looked thru the menu. Mary ordered a chef’s salad. John asked about the specials; he always liked the “freshest” dish, and claimed that the chef would promote “freshest” rather than “stock he’s […]


I need more funnies here. I know, because I’ve got about 400 articles I’ll never publish out of their being too serious. So, this gem from CNN: Hey, did you know that before “LOL” came to mean “laughing out loud,” it was code for “little old lady” in the medical world? Well, unless you’re a […]

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