Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

Health insurance

When I had a car accident 10+ years ago, I had to sue my insurance company to make them pay my hospital bills. After they settled and paid, they threatend to sue me for the full amount at any point they felt like over the next 30 years. They offered to accept 1/3 paid back […]

Chimps one step closer to full protection

The National Institute of Health has decided that most Chimpanzee research is unnecessary and should be phased out. The rationale? From the NIH press release: However, new methods and technologies developed by the biomedical community have provided alternatives to the use of chimpanzees in several areas of research. CBS News explains the scope of the […]

May 1st

Happy May Day! For those of you lost, May Day is a celebration that originates from two different places… Most recently from celebrations similar to U.S. Labor Day, and often referred to as Labour Day or International Workers’ Day in other countries. In the U.S., it originally commemorated the beginning of a standard 8-hour work […]

Haitian quake 2010

So, now seems like the appropriate time to pimp the charities I like best…: MSF / Doctors Without Borders is a perreniel favorite of mine. Doctors to anywhere in the world (like Gaza and Afghanistan) for emergency care. The American Red Cross. Not my favorite for a variety of reasons, but they do a very […]

Slowly fading blue

Here’s the speech Obama gave in Cairo: My reaction was fairly much being stunned. I didn’t expect to hear an American president project say things like this in my lifetime. Hope? Sure. But not expect. This is precisely the sorts of thing we need to do, to stop causing the rest of the world to […]

Dr. George Tiller

Any doctor shot for providing abortion services, who then goes back to it after, is already a civil rights hero. To be gunned down even after that – while fully expecting it – is much more. Advocating or proclaiming the worthiness of anyone’s murder, for even a moment, is hardly “pro-life” and is simply anti-choice. […]

Tea Partying

Today is the day that the IRS wants their forms and money related to income for 2008. To be blunt, I’m a pacifist, and if anyone says they support how our government spends money less than I do, I raise a very sceptical eyebrow. I still pay my taxes, because I think it’s the most […]

second reactions to PETA

I am, in all reality, impressed at PETA’s continued ability to surprise me. Also, that it’s still a little-known part of PETA’s job description to make dating slightly more competitive for vegan men. Seriously folks, now we have to worry about football players?

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