Wednesday Aug 17, 2022


New photos might go up soon. I’ve moved all of the shots hosted here to Flickr. I think the most recent are from 2006. Not sure because it was a large upload.


I go through periods where I take pictures. I have since high school. Sometimes, everything just has a face interesting enough to preserve visually. And it’s been too long since I’ve regularly picked up a sketch pad to have all of my skills at the ready. Sometimes I don’t feel like taking shots, and that’s […]

Eno River

I spent about half of the daylight hours hiking along the Eno River the other day. Most of the hiking I’ve done has been in the hills of Virginia, so the steepest ground was barely noticeable. Climbing over large, cracked rocks got my attention, though. That was after seeing a variety of reptiles including several […]

photographic adventuring in food

The lentil pastichio is yet another recipe from Vegan Cooking for Everyone, a book I highly recommend for people who have some experience in the kitchen and want ideas for vegan cooking. It makes a lot, as in about as much as a full-sized lasagna pan, roughly as deep as possible. The white sauce (flour, […]

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