Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

Health insurance

When I had a car accident 10+ years ago, I had to sue my insurance company to make them pay my hospital bills. After they settled and paid, they threatend to sue me for the full amount at any point they felt like over the next 30 years. They offered to accept 1/3 paid back […]

Report from the Front

Dearest Kandice, Today was a day that will weigh heavy upon my heart for years to come, God willing that I survive this night. Colonel Sanders led the 501st Social Justice Warriors in an assault to retake the Chapel Hill Whole Foods Market. I was one of 17 vegans sent over the wall, and it […]

on the amendment…

Dear State of North Carolina, Thank you for your selfless moral guidance this past week at the polls. Guidance to a greater degree than my own mother. It has helped me greatly during the troubling period of my life known as “being engaged”. I didn’t actually need the extra pressure to get married, but I […]

fair & balanced… teamed up with knowledgeable & aware…

From Fox News: The vice president post was empty when Mubarak tapped Suleiman for the job after the protests began. Suleiman would stand to take over as interim leader of Egypt in some of the proposals reportedly being considered for an expedited political transition. Fox News’ senior administration source expressed surprise that news of the […]

Animals in Idaho

There are a couple of issues brewing in Idaho over animal rights. Cockfighting and derailing the opposition. First, Idaho has finally joined 40 other states in declaring cockfighting a felony. Yes, seriously, it was a misdemeanor and still is in some states. Idaho is not exactly on the forefront of animal rights legislation. OK, yay […]

Slowly fading blue

Here’s the speech Obama gave in Cairo: My reaction was fairly much being stunned. I didn’t expect to hear an American president project say things like this in my lifetime. Hope? Sure. But not expect. This is precisely the sorts of thing we need to do, to stop causing the rest of the world to […]

Dr. George Tiller

Any doctor shot for providing abortion services, who then goes back to it after, is already a civil rights hero. To be gunned down even after that – while fully expecting it – is much more. Advocating or proclaiming the worthiness of anyone’s murder, for even a moment, is hardly “pro-life” and is simply anti-choice. […]

Tea Partying

Today is the day that the IRS wants their forms and money related to income for 2008. To be blunt, I’m a pacifist, and if anyone says they support how our government spends money less than I do, I raise a very sceptical eyebrow. I still pay my taxes, because I think it’s the most […]

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