Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

Turkey Billboard from MFA

An animal rights (or at least vegetarian) group has put up a billboard near the small town where butterball turkeys mostly come from. It sounds like a noble effort, and given that it’s only one billboard on a highway, relatively inexpensive. And seriously, it’s a billboard that is getting national press. Mission accomplished. As far […]

On Pigs

part of a series exploring the specific harm presented by exploiting particular animals or by particular animal products Pigs are cool. They’re more intelligent than dogs, for starters. They also dominate animal agriculture. Many parts are used for animal products. Not just meat for eating but also fat for lard, soap, fertilizer, testing of animal […]

on the amendment…

Dear State of North Carolina, Thank you for your selfless moral guidance this past week at the polls. Guidance to a greater degree than my own mother. It has helped me greatly during the troubling period of my life known as “being engaged”. I didn’t actually need the extra pressure to get married, but I […]

Chimps one step closer to full protection

The National Institute of Health has decided that most Chimpanzee research is unnecessary and should be phased out. The rationale? From the NIH press release: However, new methods and technologies developed by the biomedical community have provided alternatives to the use of chimpanzees in several areas of research. CBS News explains the scope of the […]


laxatives in wine?: “Do consumers need to be told about the substances that go into wine production?” Lee [the Wine Institute’s general counsel] asked. “I’m not sure there’s a lot of useful information in that.” Winemakers are notorious for failing to disclose enough information for vegetarians to know whether they’re willing to drink a particular […]


“The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.” — Margaret Mead I think some may not understand that “vegan” describes the general concept of life without exploitation of animals. Without reliance on animal agriculture. Most vegan groups describe being vegan as attempting to realize an ideal thru practical actions. The […]

ending an era

The final Space Shuttle mission, sts-135, successfully launched and currently flies above. For me, and perhaps most people younger who cared to notice space exploration, the space shuttle has been the definition of “space shot”. Actually, the vast majority of manned space launches of any sort have been Space Shuttle launches. I’ve got mixed feelings. […]

tornado alleyway

Recently my home dodged a tornado by perhaps 100-200 ft. I wasn’t home at the time, so I didn’t see the twister. I came back later that day, early enough to see some of the damage in my neighborhood, but late enough that I did some work clearing the front yard after dark. I grew […]


From time to time, vegans decide that they’re going to pick back up the habit of eating meat. While I don’t condone or personally understand the reason, I understand that someone else has them. Trust me, I’ve heard a lot of them. So, yeah I used to be vegetarian, too. I was pescetarian during parts […]

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