Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

campus droids

College campuses have advanced a bit since I last examined one carefully. The campus that I work on, for example, has a fleet of bots constructing some sort of craft. If the sky turns bright blue one night when I’m at the office, I’m hoping to be fast enough to see this one lift-off. Or, […]

in cat-nito

The feline inhabitants of the house of bwb are fending for themselves, alone in the suburban cage. Concern was voiced at the lack of dining options remaining at the end of the tour, but no health problems ensued. Obviously the situation was a bit unusual. Consumption of treats, resumption of adequate food and sanitation service, […]

minor debts

One of the cats had a slight allergic reaction to commercialized, over-processed cat food. P will tolerate the plastic manna of The Man no more. Now the cats eat only organic farm-raised food and all-natural vitamin goo. In the feline world this means “peas and rabbits”, not “peas and carrots”. K approves, which is fine […]

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