Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

dinner story

We sat down at the table, assuming our usual places. Dave (the redneck of the group) took a seat at the end, and looked thru the menu. Mary ordered a chef’s salad. John asked about the specials; he always liked the “freshest” dish, and claimed that the chef would promote “freshest” rather than “stock he’s […]

in praise of the comment box

The comment box has long been a mainstay of American political discourse, one that is quickly leaving us. We should find a substitute for in, in the digital world we’re building. I brook no nostalgia about some pieces of dead trees nailed to form a slotted box, to accepted yet more slivers of dead tree […]

fair & balanced… teamed up with knowledgeable & aware…

From Fox News: The vice president post was empty when Mubarak tapped Suleiman for the job after the protests began. Suleiman would stand to take over as interim leader of Egypt in some of the proposals reportedly being considered for an expedited political transition. Fox News’ senior administration source expressed surprise that news of the […]


I need more funnies here. I know, because I’ve got about 400 articles I’ll never publish out of their being too serious. So, this gem from CNN: Hey, did you know that before “LOL” came to mean “laughing out loud,” it was code for “little old lady” in the medical world? Well, unless you’re a […]

minor sniping

It’s interesting to me that taking even a skeptical stance on using animals – a stance that is the actual stance of many vegans – it’s interesting that one finds all sorts of places where people assume animals are objects to be used in the same way that religious figures can assume total authority on […]

phee update

So, P the cat developed a limp a while back, and went on painkillers 24.7 . I’m not sure he was entirely comfortable being in that state 24/7, but he wasn’t limping. This leads to an operation to fix a loose kneecap (luxating patella). Basically he was walking with his kneecap on the side of […]

whining & dining

I have a passive-aggressive rant. It’s just a response to being told I’m picky without cause, something every vegan occasionally hears. It’s not the end of the world, and I should know better than shooting from the hip in response. But it’s still annoying as hell. To start off being fair, vegans have a reputation […]

care & feeding of your vegan

So, when people who already know that I am vegan meet me for the first time, they tend to ask a couple of questions: Have you always been this skinny (I’m on the thinner side of healthy)? Yes, actually. I’ve been overweight exactly once since I was a toddler, and I was lacto-ovo at the […]

animals don’t care?

There’s commonly an argument presented that cows / lab rats / cats / pigs / lobsters simply “don’t care” about some injury being done to them by experiments or farm life. First, as proof to the contrary… humans are animals, and we care. Any solid argument that animals don’t care must provide solid evidence that […]

whining & dining

To start off being fair, vegans have a reputation for being picky eaters. When I am told this, I point out that I’ll eat almost anything I consider edible food. “Almost” due to broccoli, seitan, faux non-vegan food. Here’s the deal about being (really) vegetarian… it’s not “won’t eat anything with parents” or even “won’t […]

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